About Us

What is the Green Balloon Foundation?

The Green Balloon Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing end of life assistance for terminally ill patients in the Chicagoland area battling Alzheimer’s disease and other related forms of dementia.

The Green Balloon Foundation donates funeral services to assist families in need as well as provide additional educational and support services to aid in the understanding of the loved one’s ailment. Check out 100 day loans review for more information.

Why the name Green Balloon Foundation?

Our name, Green Balloon Foundation, stems from a conversation Green Balloon founder Nick and his mom had not long after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

We were at a church service one Sunday when the pastor began a sermon about heaven. During the sermon, the pastor posed the question whether we will know our loved one in heaven.

After the service, to ensure we wouldn’t have to worry about that, my mom and I devised a plan to “cheat the system.”

I’ll never forget the conversation: “When you make it to heaven, you’ll know it’s me because I’ll have a balloon in my hand.”

Just to be sure we’d know it was each other, I asked her what happened if others had balloons in their hands, too.

As she smiled I asked if she could promise to stand there holding a green balloon in her hand, my favorite color. She agreed.

– Nick, Founder of Green Balloon Foundation